Our beginning…

Our story starts in Auldspool, a small hunting and trading town in the north of Erest. East of Auldspool are the Chillbluff Mountains, home to the mining cities of Reford and Woothorp. South of Auldspool is Haford, the capital of Erest. West along the Regul Ocean coastline is the port of Dastow, the largest port on the continent of Uzal. Farther to the south and east from Auldspool are Caer Sery, a former garrison town, and Faxtoft.

Other nations

  • To the south and east across the Falinwood Swamps is Blatun, the Rotted City
  • To the east, and currently at war with Blatun is the Holy Empire of Lumithlind
  • Beyond that are the chaotic, untamed wilderness of the Blood Steppes and the Thorn Desert
  • To the north are the Twin Kingdoms, Lionande and Londolon
  • And further to the north are the frozen reaches of Iliegron
  • To the west, across the Regul Ocean are the Ergoli Islands
  • And further across the ocean is the dwarven kingdom of Bizirak, beneath the Undercrown Mountains
  • To the south lies Imrad and Elarxia, both newly formed Republics
  • And between Elarxia and Falinwood is the ruined orc kingdom of Gregskur
  • Furthest east, across the Arlan Ocean, are Cabria and Asara and other unknown lands

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Warriors of Auldspool

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