Warriors of Auldspool

Results from 10/01 session: Active Quests

Wrapping up Missing in Action.

Current characters have reached level 2.

The new main story quest is:

Finding the Blackskulls
Story Quest
Level: 2
Age: 1
Location: Auldspool Town Hall
Quest Giver: Cunaria Weaversong (City Guard)
Details: TBD

Other quests are advancing as follows:

Explore the Mire, It’s Getting Messy
Minor Quest
Level: 3 (was 1)
Age: 1
Location: Nightspool Archives and Menagerie
Quest Giver: Menesandr (Sapphire Fellowship)
Details: A sage named Menesandr seeks a party to explore the Gloomy Mire near Tigero.

White Stone
Minor Quest
Level: 1 (remained the same)
Age: 2
Location: Auldspool City Market
Quest Giver: Ennell
Details: A cryptic ex-adventurer named Ennell seeks a party to recover the Relic of Mashiel from the White Swords.

For the Caer
Major Quest
Level: 2 (was 1)
Age: 1
Location: Topaz Flagon
Quest Giver: Heny Oustpov (Dragoons of Radun)
Details: Oustpov still seeks individuals to help him retrieve the Wyrmfang shard from nearby.



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