Warriors of Auldspool

The Rumors Around Auldspool



The village of Auldspool is big enough that people do not know every other person in the village. But odd talk has emerged among the citizens. One person spoke of an abandoned farm that once was occupied by a large family with children. Another suddenly realized they had heard the similar, about how an old hermit orc who used to scare away adventurous boys had not been seen in several weeks. After a few days of stewing, the rumors have turned into a roar. People are disappearing from the smaller villages and farms around Auldspool. Perhaps it is the shadows coming to life. Or maybe a band of thieves chased from the Falinwood by the undead lawkeepers has decided to try their craft on the locals. Or maybe that gnoll hunter that lives in the nearby woods has developed a craving for tender squealing meat and they’ve ended up in his cookpot!

What you know

As your character approaches Auldspool, they will hear a tall tale about the disappearances. There is enough talk that there has to be some truth to some of them. Bills have been posted directing anyone with information or ability in uncovering the truth to speak with Magistrate Goran Wilshack at the town hall.


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