Factions and Notable Personas of Erest

Factions and Organizations

Sybil’s Wyverns
Mercenary warband with delegations in Auldspool, Dastow, and Haford. Known to be often employed by the crown for various special missions. Sometimes considered an extension of the Erestian Army and often employs ex-military members.

The Sapphire Fellowship
A small school of wizards and sorcerers. Its base of operations is in Inham’s Tower south of Auldspool.

The White Swords
A brigand group led by the ogre Gorkil Mugbluk. Have been known to operate in western and northern Erest. Usually steers clear of Haford. They are thought to have a base of operations in Tigero.

The Dragoons of Radun
An order of knights dedicated to the defense of Caer Sery. Renowned for their fighting prowess throughout all of Uzal. Rumored to be led by an ancient silver dragon named Radunax.

The Blackskull Goblins
A collection of goblinoid tribes that live beneath western Erest. They are fanatical followers of the Black Wolf God of Destruction, Bulgad. In the past, the King has been forced to send the Erestian Army and Sybil’s Wyverns into the caves and tunnels beneath Erest in order to quell the destructive ambitions of these tribes. But more recently, the goblins have repopulated and rebuilt their warmachine. It is thought that it is only a matter of time before there is all out war between Erest and the Blackskull. They are led by the bugbear Bulrok, who bears the title King of the Blackskull.

Factions and Notable Personas of Erest

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