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Welcome to the Warriors of Auldspool

Our adventure takes place on the world of Ladressea across the continent of Uzal. The theme and tone of the campaign is one of adventure, exploration, survival, and conquest. The entire continent is teaming with intrigue and battle as the elves of Lumithlind continue their endless war with the lich lord Azuuk. Meanwhile, the peoples of the Regul Coast expand into the ruins of the old elf and orc kingdoms, finding lost treasures and hidden nightmares. Across the sea, dwarves battle the endless forces of the Vaarathex, an aerie of red dragons intent on reducing the stoic kingdoms to ash. And to the east, a great evil slowly feeds on the souls of damned.

Our first adventure takes us to the cosmopolitan nation of Erest. There, our heroes approach the village of Auldspool, a small hunting and trading town on the northern frontier.

Setting Information

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We are currently using the D&D Next (5th edition) ruleset. The following houserule changes have been made:

  1. All characters start with 3 times their normal hp.
  2. Signature weapons: Heroes often posses a signature weapon that levels up as they do. Weapons designated as signature will gain an equal amount of experience whenever the owning character gains experience. The level chart for weapons is the same as for characters. The owner may spend weapon levels as follows (this is very tbd and arbitrary at this time):
    – 2 levels for each plus bonus (spent levels count towards the next bonus)
    – 2 levels for a minor magical effect (for ex elemental damage type, extra bonus vs creature)
    – 5 levels for a major magical effect (for ex spell-like effect, vorpal, ability score increase)
    Magical effects found on looted weapons can be transferred to a signature weapon at no-cost, but there is a 50% chance the new effect will replace the old one

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