Nations of Uzal

The nations of the continent of Uzal. They range from anarchy to rigid imperialist state. Uzal was once the home of ancient orc and elf civilizations. Those kingdoms fell when the lich Azuuk came to power and created the Falinwood. Since that time, the orc tribes have slowly lost interest in restoring their once proud kingdom while the elves have cloaked themselves in the ancient magics of their ancestors in hope of bringing the True Light to the rest of Uzal and beyond.

Capital: Haford
Ruler: King Tomas Reswalt II (human)
Population: 60% human, 20% elf, 10% dwarf, 5% orc, 5% other
Notable locations:

  • Auldspool – starting location
  • Faxtoft – large industrial city
  • Caer Sery – old garrison between Faxtoft and Haford
  • Reford – small mining city
  • Woothorp – small mining city
  • Dastow – large port city

The Falinwood (Blatun)
Capital: Blatun
Ruler: Azuuk the Neverdead (male orc lich), Council of Seven Eyes (elf and human liches)
Population: Living – 70% human, 10% elf, 10% halfling, 5% orc, 5% other
Undead – 40% orc, 40% elf, 10% human, 10% other
Notable locations:

  • Agzar – sunken tower fortress
  • Eonias – ruined sunken city
  • Lethorp – last living city in the hills along the northwest border (sometimes called Last Hope)

Holy Empire of Lumithlind
Imperial Theocracy
Capital: Wraithbaron Citadel
Ruler: Emperor Gerwol Tominster (high elf)
Population: 50% elf, 30% human, 10% dwarf, 10% other
Notable locations:

  • The Five Stars of Wraithbaron – ancient fortresses aligned on ley lines in equal distances from Wraithbaron
    Lahyrst – Fortress of the North Star
    Renyrst – Fortress of Dusk
    Skokil – Fortess of the Gold Dragon
    Theagil – Fortess of the Silver Dragon
    Frainyrst – Fortess of Dawn
  • Nuledzan – industrial city
  • Flagesi – small city home to the Magisters College

Blood Steppes
Capital: None
Ruler: Xaphax, Hand of the Butcher (gnoll)
Amig the Ashraven (gnoll)
Population: 60% gnoll, 30% human, 10% other
Notable locations:

  • Crag of the Butcher – ziggaraut built into low mountains, center of gnoll worship
  • Ashraven – ancient city state

Thorn Desert
Capital: None
Ruler: None
Population: 30% dragonborn, 30% human, 20% gnoll, 10% orc, 10% other
Notable locations:

  • Bane Sands – toxic sand dune sea
  • Corsair’s Nest – pirate city along the coast of the Bane Sands

Twin Kingdoms
Capital: Coamoor (Lionande) and Abofell (Londolon)
Ruler: King Darys Rander (human)
Consul Terwyn Rander (human, Lionande)
Consul Lagimil Bors (hill dwarf, Londolon)
Population: 40% human, 40% dwarf, 15% halfling, 5% other
Notable locations:

  • Stones of Amas – pillars of floating stone atop a ley line web on the border between the Twin Kingdoms
  • Enelmarch – small city
  • Shieldmoor – river city
  • Sea of Blades – large freshwater sea with Coamoor on the west shore and Abofell on the east

Capital: Titanpeak
Ruler: Fang Queen Bonais of the White (female dragonborn)
Population: 40% dragonborn, 20% human, 20% dwarf, 15% elf, 5% other
Notable locations:

  • Arielyen – abandoned white dragon aerie now ruled by dragonborn
  • Desolation of Arsibrin – vast frozen crater valley

Republic (Federation)
Capital: Waystone
Ruler: Minister Imith Nereyle Woodsong (female wild elf)
Population: 70% human, 25% elf, 5% other
Notable locations:

  • Gloom Isle – dense jungle island home to many green dragons
  • Klanesea – capital of Lubra, rival port city to Dastow
  • Vandre’s Bastion – prison island of the Magister’s College

Capital: Bizirak
Ruler: King Gamil Thranz (dwarf)
Population: 80% dwarf, 10% goblin, 10% other
Notable locations:

  • Ukhlak Deep – vast underground cavern and tunnel system
  • Halva Aerie – lair of the red dragon Halvagon
  • Greygate – massive dwarf industrial city
  • Rustspire – remnants of a goblin city

Capital: Tradun Free City
Ruler: High Lord Senator James Cyne IX (human)
Population: 40% human, 30% elf, 20% halfling, 10% other
Notable locations:

  • Cledale – large agricultural city
  • Esgate – small river trade hub, connects to Heabury in Elarxia
  • Leviathan Gate – city around a planar gate
  • Cronemoor Woods – newer wild elf kingdom, allowed autonomy by Tradun

Republic (Dictatorship)
Capital: Gothrione
Ruler: Grand Minister Rewis Warder (half-orc)
Population: 45% human, 25% orc, 20% halfling, 10% other
Notable locations:

  • Valade, the Runed City – large city around ancient giant citadel
  • Heabury – small river trade hub, connects to Esgate in southern Imrad
  • Withered Woods – old elven kingdom, now abandoned

Capital: Thoribyr (ruined)
Ruler: None
Population: 50% orc, 20% gnoll, 10% goblin, 10% human, 10% other
Notable locations:

  • Stonerift Mountains – high, snowy peaks that act as a wall to the Falinwood
  • Caustic Mire – surrounds Thoribyr, remnants of the ancient war with Blatun
  • Bizaram – ruined labyrinth city beneath Stonerift
  • Cadun – disorganized large village
  • Fradun – last bastion of orc ‘civilization’, small city

Nations of Uzal

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