Religions and Gods

There are several religions that the peoples of Uzal follow. The oldest, Baeism, an ancient animal cult once practiced by the orcs of Gregskur and adapted by the humans to the north and west. The dwarves of Bizirak brought the teachings of the Silver Manse with them when they established trade with Uzal some two thousand years ago. The youngest yet most fundamental religion is that of the elves of Lumithlind. The elder god of magic, Semiah, saved the elven race from the horrors begat by the undead rebirth of the lich lord Azuuk. This led to the foundings of the Semic faith. Lastly, several demon lords feast on the worship and flesh of their followers in the untamed northeastern reaches of Uzal. Notably, The Butcher rules through his possessed avatar near the rocky Crag that bears his name.

Council of the Silver Manse
Polytheist – Pantheon
Followers: Erest, Elarxia, Imrad, Bizirak, Twin Kingdoms
Artalas, Father Sky
Sielaph, Mother Earth
Acheres and Hieles, Brothers of War and Battle
Oron, Grandfather Death
Mithrilye, Grandmother Life
Seriel, Brother Nature and the Elements
Mashiel, Brother Law

The Bae’urn (Elder Spirits)
Polytheist – Shamanism
Followers: Elarxia, Gregskur, Falinwood, Erest, Iliegron
The Three Wolves of the Hunt, Gashak, Snaga, Bulgad
The Bear of Winter, Ugluk
The Bear of Summer, Lurtuk
The Panthers of War, Luga and Buga
The Alligator of Death, Rishnag
The Skulking Rat of the Sewers, Uft
The Soaring Eagle of the Mountains, Olf
The Four Primal Elements, Gor (earth), Tor (fire), Ris (wind), Bol (water)

Temple of Semiah
Monotheistic – Magic Worship
Followers: Erest, Lumithlind, Thorn Desert
Semiah, Lord of the Weave
Undan, Archangel of Law
Ariel, Archangel of Knowledge
Gyan, Archangel of Wisdom
(Note: Only the paladin orders of Lumithlind worship the archangels directly)

Walkers of Arat
Polytheist – Demon Cults
Followers: Lumithlind, Blood Steppes, Northern Shelf, Thorn Desert
Sagox, the Butcher of Souls (aka The Butcher)
Ashur, the Roar of War
Megoth, the Chains of Death
Daragul, the Ash of Rebirth (aka Lord of the Ashraven)
Bulax, the Hungerer
Teroxis, the Relentless Hunter

Religions and Gods

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