The Planes

Planes of Existence

There are several different realities that are connected to Ladressea via the ley lines that encircle the planet. The average
citizen of Uzal knows of these planes, but will only see them once their soul has left their mortal frame. These realities
are the home to angels, demons, and demigods, as well as entire other civilizations. These planes are difficult for
most creatures to enter. However, those who are attuned to ley lines can find places where the barrier between these different
worlds is weak. Those who have mastered this skill are often conscripted by the Magister’s College to become Gatekeepers. These
powerful wizards spend their entire lives bathed in the primal energies of the ley lines. By doing so, they are able to sense
when something is trying to cross into a reality that it should not be in. The most prominent of these Gatekeepers resides
in Wraithbaron Citadel and acts as the voice of Semiah, the Lord and Master of the Weave and all Potentials.

Sigil (Unaligned)
The City of Doors. Governed by the Lady of Pain, Sigil stands at the center of all things. It is here that most mortals
arrive and leave the planes. (More information about Sigil can be found in the Planescape setting material)

The Fallen Abyss of Addos (Death, Shadow)
Addos is a bottomless chasm in the center vast infinite plain of dust and shadow. All manner of demons have carved their
citadels into the sides of the chasm, which ranges from several yards to hundreds of miles apart from each other. There is
an unnatural sun that lights the center of the chasm for many layers. This light fades to a simple flickering hope in the
darkness the deeper one travels from the surface.

The Unearthly Maw of Kalan (Fire, Aether)
Raw churning untapped potential is very nature of Kalan. Masses of solidified aether crash into each other, causing massive
eruptions of plasma fire into the vaccuum. Several large congealed orbs of aether make up stars that circle a lightless,
spinning hole at the center of the plane. Great primordials of ancient times make their homes amongst these stars. Lesser
beings use the masses of aether to create massive floating cityworlds. However, these are temporary at best, as the churning
of the Maw eventually causes them to be smashed into one another.

The Elysia of Sande (Life, Earth, Wind)
A paradise of endless verdant plains and mountains of gold hued earth that reach far into the clouds. Sande is peace without
end. There is only warmth, only understanding, and only order. Even the most vicious beast is at peace amongst the undying
trees and clear streams of cool water. Great roads of stars lead far into the heavens to the celestial palaces of the great
angels and their cohorts. That which violates this peace is simply expunged from the realm in the most direct means necessary.
The Silver Manse sits astride two of the largest mountains of Sande, surrounded by a vast serene forest.

The Seven Battlegrounds of Barbael (Earth, Water, Death)
Barbael is a realm constantly at war. It is a realm where the mightiest warriors of all history live on and battle amongst
each other for control of a blood stained land. But with all the glory of battle comes the utter misery of death and carnage
that war wreaks upon its victims. At any given time, there are large scale military conflicts that cover more land than exists
in all of Ladressea. Demons and angels add into the fray as they join the battles to hone their deadly immortal prowess. The
Brother of War often encamp here and war with great panthers Luga and Buga.

Laculos, the Last Fortress of Semiah (Aether, Shadow, Life)
There is a massive fortress of infinite spires and corridors floating just beyond the Maw of Kalan. It is called Laculos, and
it is the sanctuary of the god of magic Semiah. His throne is atop the largest spire, its hall sweeping beyond the sky into
raw primal energy of the ley lines that flow into the aether of Kalan. The corridors are infintely complex and often loop
back onto themselves before disappearing into the unformed reality outside the fortress. The halls are patrolled by the
Lord of the Weave’s angels. Any that would attempt to corrupt the pure magic of Laculos are hunted by these angels and locked
into the depths of the fortress forever.

The Toxic Wastes of Parax (Water, Earth)
All things must come to an end. Entropy undoes all of the order imposed upon even the mightiest of dieties. It is among the
muck and mire of Parax that these things find their end. Parax is a poisonous chemical bog that stretches out from beyond the
dusty plains of around Addos. Its unnatural pull draws anything that does not have a final resting place elsewhere to final,
watery grave. Azuuk the Lich Lord of Blatun maintains a stronghold here, using the energies of entropy and rot to create the
swamps of the Falinwood. Other notable locations include several wrecks of great hulking aetherships that we once used by
the natives of Kalan and Sande to travel through the Eternal Storm between planes. Nations of gith and ancient high elves now
make their homes amongst these wrecks.

The Eternal Storm of the Astral Lords (Wind, Aether)
In between the many realities exists a realm of unformed aether. Astral winds roar through this space, creating a neverending
hurricane. In the eye of this Eternal Storm is the home of four original primordials. These creatures of immense power sleep
soundly amongst the howling winds of the storm. Those who dare come too close are simply crushed by the sheer will of the
slumbering titans. Semiah and Artalas both maintain a presence here and keep a watchful eye on the primordials, lest they
wake and destroy everything. Beyond the eye are world-sized aetherships that float eternally amongst the winds. These ships
act as trade hubs for creatures from all of the other planes and Ladressea and are governed by the Lady of Pain of Sigil.

The Planes

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