Towns and Villages near Auldspool

Population 460, mixed goblin and other monstrous races. The village is built around a ring of ancient stone monoliths. It is ruled by a monstrous black dragonborn barbarian named Sharsuil. The Blackskull goblins frequent Tigero for supplies. Tigero is northwest of Auldspool deep in the dark rainforests and is frequently patrolled by worg mounted guards.

Population 1700, mixed dwarf and human. The town is defended by a strong stone wall and gatehouses. Is home to a large dwarven metals and mining supplies warehouse. The village is northeast of Auldspool on the road to Reford.

Inham’s Tower
Population 500, mostly human, some elf and half-elf. The village sits upon an eroded outcrop, accessible by a single road. It is governed by an arcane sorcerer, a female human named Helu. It can be found south of Auldspool along the road to Haford.

Population 40, mixed human and gnoll. The thorp is built around a great willow tree. It is governed by a ranger, a male gnoll named Wyn. There is a single tavern, The Wandering Pilgrim. It is southwest of Auldspool nestled amongst some of the larger farms and ranches in the grassy hills.

Towns and Villages near Auldspool

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